Saturday, August 18, 2007

Notes on A Story of a Man Who Will not Die alone

It's funny how you feel a little different every time you start a new grade. You definatly talk about different things, and you wear different things. As far as talking goes, it's about freshmen, driving, money, siblings in college, classes, essays, exams, and drama. And clothes, you feel like you know your own style. (mine you ask? comfortable and cute, maybe preppy, but mostly understated and charming)
As far as boys go i might as well be a lesbian. Which wouldn't be all bad seeing as how girls are far mor checked into their relationships now-a-days than boys, but that just dosen't seem like a good idea. So I'm just taking a couple months off from dissapointing, drama-causing relationships and so far, with me being perticularly unglamerous this summer, it's been working out just fine.
I do miss it from time to time, the whole thing about wondering or even knowing that there is someone out there thinking about you, hopefully. But I've just been through so many, shall i say "craptastic relationships".
I've been tired lately, but that probably has something to do with th fact that I've been up watching movies the past few nights. We're talking 4 in the morning. And now I have a head ache, a bad one too, the kind that if you get up from your bed really fast you feel like your head might explode. I also have to read this really boring book about greek mythology and answer quesions about it. My dad is anoying me to get in shape for soccer.
Well this should be a good time.